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Theatre Offerings - Coming Soon!


Storytime Theatre

Ages 5-7

Does your child like to play pretend? Do they imagine they're a princess, knight , dragon or even a banana?! This is the perfect class to introduce young children to the excitement and entertainment of theatre. Young students explore introductory concepts of theatre through dramatizing age-appropriate stories, games & fun!

Let’s Play

Ages 8-10

Does your child enjoy speaking in different voices, engaging in creative play or is constantly on the move? In this class students engage in the art of acting by use of games, storytelling, improvisation and movement. With a focus on the Five Senses, Self, and Play students build confidence, concentration, cooperation and have fun exploring the choices only their imaginations make possible. 

Making It Up!

Ages 8 & Older

What is improvisation? Through games and exercises, 

students learn the basic concepts of “Yes, and?”, 

Blocking, Choices, and so much more in this creative, 

action-packed, and fun exploration of dramatic 


Class Placement

For weekly classes scheduled September - April, student placement will be determined by many factors including: age, skills assessment and maturity.

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