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  • Students should arrive 5 minutes prior to class time and come dressed for class.

    • Time between classes is used to dismiss previous students, clean & ensure social distancing between groups. For these reasons, please do not bring your child earlier than the designated 5 minutes as supervision can not be provided.

  • Water bottles can be brought to class.

  • Gum chewing is not allowed.

  • Cell phones are not permitted in class.

    • Cell phones may be brought but should be kept in bags/cubby and on silent during class.

  • Parents/siblings/friends are not allowed to remain at the studio for class to maximize students’ attention and minimize contact/social distance.


A season calendar will be sent to all registered students in late August. This calendar includes all performances, scheduled breaks & events.  



Front Door: Faces Pine Street

            Back Parking Lot Door: Beige Door Faces Beebee Avenue

Under 9 Years

Accompanied by an adult to/from the entrance/exit.

Over 10 Years

Enter/exit the studio unaccompanied to find their ride. If the adult is not
present for pick up, students MUST return inside the back entrance of the studio.

Regardless of age, students are NOT allowed to wait outside as there is no supervision.

**Primary & Advanced Dancers enter & exit through the front door the entire season. 


Studio 170 is dedicated to the safety and well being of all students. If a student is being dropped off/picked up by someone other than the typical individual or is NOT permitted to be picked up by a certain individual, please let the instructor know.

If you are ever late for pick up, please knock on the back door or enter through the front door as your student is inside with an instructor for the start of the next class.

Emergencies happen; however, if a student is habitually (more than 3 times) picked up later than 10 minutes after class, a rate of $5 for every five minutes late is charged to cover the expense of supervising the student.


 Click here for detailed information on Dance dress code requirements. 

Click here for Theatre dress code requirements.


Regular attendance is essential to ensure the personal growth of your student. However, if your student displays any signs of illness, please do NOT allow them to attend class. If students become ill or show signs of illness upon arrival to the studio, a parent may be notified that early pickup is required.

The warm up time at the beginning of class is very important and risk of injury is greater if warm ups are missed. Late students who miss warm ups need to warm up individually before joining the class or observe that day.


Please call, email or message the studio to let the instructor know if your child is going to be absent. There are no refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are available as an option, but are not required. Students may make-up a missed class by taking a similar class offered by contacting Miss Meg. Absences must be made up within one month of the missed class.

If a student misses multiple classes and has no to minimal knowledge of the class/production material, the instructor meets with parent(s) and reserve the right to withdraw the student from the performance, no tuition or costume refunds given due to dismissal.


Tuition is to be paid on the 1st of each month. Quickbooks invoices are sent each month via email to be paid online. Monthly tuition is due in full no matter how many weeks fall into any given month, how many classes a student attends, weather closings, absences etc.


Cash or check payments can be sent instead of online payment. Cash or check must be placed in an envelope with student's first/last name on the outside. The envelope should be placed in the white box located on the inside right wall of the studio. A $20 fee is charged for returned checks. 



Students with two households need to agree upon billing procedures at the beginning of the year and notify Miss Meg by August 20 how to proceed. Payments can either be split in half or paid in full by one family.


Dance students require proper shoes & attire (see dress code above). Costumes for our annual dance recital cost approximately $80-$125 per style enrolled. Prices vary due to age, size & costume company industry quotes. Costumes are kept by dancers after the annual performance. 

Studio 170 provides free performance tights, an annual recital t-shirt and two free tickets to the annual dance recital per student. 

Additional studio apparel and experiences beyond weekly class are an optional expense. 


After the 10th of each month, an automatic charge of $10.00 is applied as a late fee. If unpaid tuition goes into the following month, a $20.00 late fee automatically applies to the account. No refunds on tuition. If tuition falls two months behind, the student is not permitted to attend class until payment has been made.


In the event of a mandatory closure occurring within a month, students complete that month’s lessons online. Students may then opt in or out of online classes for the remaining month(s) of a shut down. Costumes, apparel, dance wear and other non-class related fees remain non-refundable. 


We do not take chances with the weather for the safety of our students and staff. When the Peshtigo School District closes, Studio 170 closes. If other local districts close, please use caution when deciding whether or not to travel from your town to the studio. If school is not cancelled, but Studio 170 close for the evening, notifications sent by Remind text message, email and a Facebook post.


At this time (2023) masks remain optional. Studio 170 reserves the right to reverse our mask policy at any time, under any circumstances.
An inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 exists in any public place where people are present. Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease that can lead to severe illness or even death. Anyone entering Studio 170 voluntarily assumes all risks, for themselves and any minors in their care, related to Covid-19. Studio 170 maintains cleaning policies and procedures. Please click here for information on determining when a student who tests positive or an individual in a student's household test positive for Covid-19 and when they can return to the studio. 


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