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Dancers need to have their hair pulled up and away from their face. The way in which hair is styled out of the face is entirely up to you and your dancer. A warning that bangs can cause shadows on the face under stage lights. If your child has short hair, all hair around the face still needs to be pulled or pinned back. 



Makeup is not required but is a useful tool for a dancer’s face to stand out on stage. The lights for recital are not like our home lights or natural lighting and therefore wash out the color in the face so some color is highly recommended for all dancers. 


Blush, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick are recommended for dancers of all ages. 


At minimum male dancers should wear a bit of blush so the cheekbones stand out. Eye liner, foundation, and lip color matching male dancer’s lips is recommended but not required.

Makeup and hair do not need to match the photo shown on the costume bag. The photo on the costume bag is a stock image simply to demonstrate how the costume should be worn. 



Jewelry is NOT allowed on stage - this includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings etc. It can be distracting & a safety issue. Athletic tape should be worn over earrings that cannot be removed. Dancers should not use body glitter as it makes the stage slippery. Spray in hair glitter is fine as it adheres to the hair. 



Female dancers do NOT wear underwear beneath tights, just like wearing a bathing suit. Underwear sticks out from beneath the tights and is easily visible onstage. When we are in costume, our tights act as underwear.


Older students must wear bras that have clear shoulder straps and clear back strap if visible in the costume. 


While I am flexible during studio class about dress code, I will not allow dress code to be broken during recital. It is part of the performing arts craft to present a unified dress code amongst each class on stage. Dancers will not be allowed on stage unless costume guidelines are met this includes but is not limited to visible straps, underwear, jewelry, unsecured hair, etc. 

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