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Welcome Mr. Chris - Director of Theatre Arts

Greetings Studio 170 students, parents, and supporters! I’m Chris Mayse and I am thrilled to be joining the team as Director of the newly-established Theatre Arts program! 


I’ve spent the past 28 years of my career working as a professional theatre artist- acting, directing, designing, educating, and serving in leadership and consultation for a variety of arts organizations throughout the country. When I crossed paths with Ms. Meg at Trollwood Performing Arts School almost three years ago, I was so intrigued by the studio she had created here in Peshtigo. We have collaborated and shared ideas over that time, finding great joy in seeing how the studio has grown and prospered (especially in these recent times). One day, we thought, “What about expanding? How about offering theatre and production to this very special place?” And, with that, I made the decision to relocate to the area and to join Ms. Meg as she continues to help students reach their individualized goals.  


Theatre is the most ancient of all art forms. It started as a way to pass time in the darkness of night. People telling stories around a fire- sharing history, the excitement of the day’s events, the myths and mysteries that they were attempting to figure out in their world. They used movement (their bodies in motion, eventually becoming dance), sound (their voice, which would develop into language and written words), and their greatest tool- their imagination- to portray the characters and to express their emotions and feelings. Theatre is a human event, it is immediate and a collaborative process between the artists and the audience. The live moment is shared, here for the time and then gone for those to only remember and reflect upon. 


It is these concepts and the application of them into the amazing experiences I’ve had that carries me forward in my work. They serve as a basis to share with students, giving them a window of what is possible and how the power of theatre can impact their lives. I am inspired by my students and cherish the chance to collaborate and grow with them each day in class. I hope that you will join me as we launch this new program and continue to develop the mission that is Studio 170.


- Chris Mayse

To learn more about Mr. Chris's professional experience, click here to read his bio. 

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