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Label all of dancers shoes, costumes and accessories with initials. 


Students MUST bring costumes & dance shoes in the garment bag given by the studio to protect the costume & accessory pieces. No shoes in boxes please. 


Many dancers are thirsty/hungry backstage. Sending light snacks/drinks are an excellent plan; however, please keep in mind students are wearing costumes so I ask that only water or very light colored juices be brought in case spills occur on or around dancers.


Blesch Auditorium has extremely limited parking lot space so please plan ahead and prepare to seek parking on the streets near the theater.


It is a tradition in the performing arts that audience members bring flowers, small gifts or tokens of congratulations for performers. While this is not a requirement in anyway, I like to inform parents of this practice as your dancer will see other dancers receiving gifts, etc. and this way you can prepare in case you would like to do the same.

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